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What Are The Essentials of a Business Continuity Plan?

Business Continuity Plan
An emergency can wipe out your business! A business continuity plan can help it survive. But what should a good business continuity plan cover? Read this blog to find out.

A list of your key contacts

Reporting the occurrence of a disaster to a list of all your important contacts is one of the critical elements in your continuity plan. This list can include all your C-level execs, HR managers, IT Manager, client-facing managers, etc.,

A comprehensive list of your IT inventory

Your business continuity plan should contain a list of all the software, apps, and hardware that you use in the daily operations of your business. The list should identify each item as critical or non-critical and briefly mention details about each of them, such as:

  • The name of the app/software
  • Version/model number (for software/hardware)
  • Vendor name and contact information for each of them
  • Warranty/support availability details
  • Contact information for customer support for these hardware/apps
  • Frequency of usage
Backup information

Data backups are critical to your disaster recovery, and so your continuity plan should include information about data backups. For example, it should mention how often data is backed up, in what formats, and where. It should also note what data backups are available–ideally, you should be backing up ALL data already!

What’s your Plan B?

Make sure your business continuity plan lists a backup operations plan that will come into play in the event of a disaster. Examples include alternative workflows such as options to work remotely or allow employees to bring their own devices to work (BYOD) until regular business premises or systems are ready.

Floor plans and location

Your business continuity plan should also include floor plans of your offices with the exit and entry points marked up for quick evacuation in the event of any emergency. It should also mention the location of data centers, phones, key IT systems, and related hardware.

Process definition

Make sure your continuity plan defines the SOPs to be followed in the event of an emergency.
Think business continuity planning is too complicated? Don’t give up! Many SMBs don’t create a plan thinking it is too much of a hassle. But this can prove fatal to your business later. Wahaya IT can help you understand business continuity planning and even help you create a business continuity plan best suited for you.

Contact Wahaya IT to start on a business continuity plan.

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